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We do not stock conference media. These titles are made as they are ordered therefore,
expect 3-4 weeks for delivery. These items are non returnable.

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Top Seller
Angels and Saints Angels and Saints
Dr. Scott Hahn
December 2014 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. Why do we find angels throughout the Bible? Why to Catholics insist that the saints matter? And what do the angels and saints have to do with our daily lives? Join Dr. Scott Hahn, author of Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship With God's Holy Ones, for an inspiring look at what the Catholic Church teaches about the angels and saints-and why. Available on dvd.

Top Seller
Women in the Church Women in the Church
Dr. Mary Healy
June 2007 Franciscan University Presents. Television show as seen on EWTN. What is the role of women in salvation history and the Church today? And why has the Church so often been accused of treating women with less than the respect they deserve? Join Scripture scholar, Dr. Mary Healy, and Franciscan University theology professors Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, and host Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, as they discuss these questions and more. Available on DVD.

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