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Rental Policy
By payment of the rental fee, I accept the terms of the Textbook Rental Program. I understand that the rented textbook is the property of Franciscan Bookstore and that it is my responsibility to return rented textbooks to the Franciscan Bookstore. Rented textbooks must be returned in undamaged condition, without excessive highlighting, underlining, or signs of water damage. All items that originally came with the book, such as CDs, DVDs, access codes, inserts, workbooks, study guides, etc., must be returned with the book. Rentals not meeting these requirements will be refused and I will be charged the replacement fee of the textbook. I am aware that all identifying stickers/labels on the textbook need to remain intact and must not be removed, altered, or defaced.

     End-of-Semester Returns
I understand that all rented textbooks are to be returned to Franciscan Bookstore by the semester's return date - which is 2 days after finals end.
     Drop Returns
I understand that if I change my class schedule, or drop a class, I may return rented textbooks for a full refund. I am aware that I will need to provide my original receipt and a printed revised class schedule and must do so by 4:30pm on the last day courses may be dropped.
     Withdrawal Returns
I understand that if I withdraw from a course, the rental fee is non-refundable and I must return the rented textbook no later than 4:30pm by the semester's return date - which is 2 days after finals end.

I am aware that, if I return the rented textbook after the specified return date, there is a $10 late fee and I agree to pay this fee when I return the textbook. Late returns will only be accepted for three days following the semester's rental return date.

I am aware that if I fail to return the rental textbook by the return date, my credit card will be charged the replacement fee for a new textbook plus a $10.00 late charge and applicable sales tax per rental textbook. The replacement fee is the retail price of a NEW textbook. If Franciscan Bookstore is unable to charge fees incurred for failure to return and late fees, I authorize Franciscan University to charge my student account the amount due and place a hold on my student records until my obligation is met.
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