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Blessed Newman's Legacy 
Dr. John Crosby
January 2011 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. In September 2010, Pope Benedict XVI traveled to England to beatify the priest, theologian, and cardinal, John Henry Newman. Who was this man? And what does he have to say to the Church today? Join us as we examine the life and legacy of Blessed John Henry Newman with today's special guest, Dr. John Crosby, professor of philosophy at Franciscan University. Available on DVD.

Marian Doctrine & Devotion 
Fr. Peter John Cameron
February 2011 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. Why does the Church venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary? And what do the mysteries of Mary's life have to do with our daily lives? Dominican Father Peter John Cameron, founding editor-in-chief of Magnificat, joins us today to discuss these and other questions about the Blessed Virgin Mary's instrumental role in the life of faith. Available on DVD.

When a Family Member Leaves the Church 
Tom Peterson
March 2011 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. Do you have a family member who has drifted away from the Catholic faith or joined another church? Do you wonder how best to reach out to them and invite them back home to the Catholic Church? When a Family Member Leaves the Church will explore the reasons people leave and return to the Catholic Church, with our special guest, Catholic evangelist Tom Peterson. Available on DVD.

Redemptive Suffering 
Fr. Paul Keller
April 2011 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. C.S. Lewis once called pain "God's megaphone to a deaf world." What did he mean by that? What is suffering? Why does it exist? And how are we to accept it? Join us as we examine those questions and more with today's special guest, Dominican Father Paul Keller, professor of theology at Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West. Available in DVD.

Catholics and the United Nations 
Austin Ruse
May 2011 Franciscan University Presents as seen on EWTN. News stories about the United Nations indicate that support for abortion, population control, and homosexual rights now top that international body's agenda. What are some ways Catholics are responding to the UN's threats to family and life issues? And what can you do to advance the pro-life, pro-family cause within the UN? Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, is the guest on the next Franciscan University Presents "Catholics and the United Nations." Available in DVD.
Items 1 to 5 (out of 12)
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