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Textbooks for Fall 2015 will be posted July 25th

Please Read:

The Bookstore makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. This site is updated daily as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from publishers. Textbook information is subject to change at any time due to faculty changes, publisher upgrades, price changes, cancelled classes, etc. We are not responsible for information used on this site for the purchase of textbooks and course materials from other sources. Students purchasing materials from the Bookstore are protected under our Returns Policy.

If ordering textbooks online please read:

  • Please allow at least 48 hours for order processing.
  • You may request that your books be picked up in store for a $4.00 fee.
  • All textbooks are listed with new and used prices without regard to availability.
  • Availability of used books is not guaranteed.
  • To ensure maximum order fulfillment, at checkout,
        select the option "used, will accept new" or "new, will accept used".
  • Read the textbook return policy.

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